Mouthguards in Midland, TX

Custom Mouthguards: Available Now at Basin Dental Suite

Protecting your teeth at all times should be a priority since you need them to chew food. Unfortunately, improper care and negligence can cause you to lose your teeth. In addition to proper oral care, you can utilize the advantages of a mouthguard. Luckily, you can find mouthguards near me in Odessa, TX that can lead to a solution for better oral health.

What Exactly Are Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are fairly common in the dental community because they simply do a great job of protecting your teeth. This protective device will prevent injury as it will fully cover the gums and teeth during physical activities. Mouthguards for your teeth are equal to helmets for your head. Boxers, basketball players, and other athletes tend to wear these protective devices while participating in their respective sports.

Mouthguards for oral care are also popular with people of all demographics, and they can be worn overnight. Nighttime teeth grinding is seen in nearly 10% of adults as well as between 15 to 40% of children. Bruxism, which is the medical term for teeth grinding, has been shown to wear down tooth enamel. The repetitive tension of the jaw muscle from bruxism can lead to jaw pain. It is also common for people to suffer from headaches and tooth pain if the situation isn't resolved.

Custom Mouthguards and Standard Mouthguards Are Available

You can find mouthguards near me at Basin Dental Suite. If you're seeking an oral device that will provide jaw comfort while inhibiting teeth grinding, then a standard mouthguard is a great option. Standard mouthguards will come in various sizes and are ready to wear straight out of the pack. These devices can be a bit bulky but are ideal for athletes. However, the ability to speak and breathe can be affected when wearing custom mouthguards.

Premium quality may equate to a higher price tag, but the level of protection is undeniable. Custom mouthguards are great for overnight protection while inhibiting teeth grinding. Boil and bite mouthguards are composed of thermoplastic material, which can be softened in hot water. Your tongue and bite pressure will create the perfect mold for better jaw comfort that may lead to better teeth protection.

You can find mouthguards at Basin Dental Suite that can provide the relief that you've been wanting. Why not schedule an appointment with Dr. Ayotunde Esho to get the process started? Contact us today.