Endodontic Therapy in Midland, TX

How Root Canal Therapy in Midland, TX Can Help You Regain Your Stellar Smile

Hearing the phrase "root canal therapy" might seem a bit scary, but it is actually not as horrific as you might expect. In fact, it can be helpful at alleviating pain and repairing and restoring the functions of damaged teeth. Over 14 million teeth get spared thanks to root canals in the United States every year. So, yes, it is a common procedure. Here at Basin Dental Suite, we have skilled endodontists in Midland, TX who can help restore your damaged teeth via endodontic therapy.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that involves the removal of diseased pulp from inside of a tooth. This is pulp that has become inflamed or infected due to trauma, multiple dental procedures, or deep decay.

Root canal therapy involves your endodontist going into that tooth and removing the diseased pulp. Adult teeth no longer need their pulp as it is, so this should not cause any problems. After the pulp gets removed, your dentist will clean and shape the interior of the root canals. Then, they get filled and sealed so that the tooth will be able to heal.

Why Is Root Canal Therapy Important?

Root canal therapy can help save a damaged tooth. It also helps to alleviate pain you are experiencing along with it. Getting the diseased or inflamed pulp out is important for the tooth to be saved. Also, this procedure can help get rid of temperature sensitivities, and it of course can enhance your beautiful smile.

What Might Happen if You Don't See an Endodontist

If you do not see an endodontist for treatment, the infected tooth will not heal. Unlike the other bones in your body, a tooth cannot heal on its own. This can trigger pain in nearby teeth and throughout your jaw. An infection might even work its way into your bloodstream, spurring more health issues that could become life-threatening.

Finding an Endodontist Near Me

Finding an endodontist near me is important so that your infected tooth can quickly be dealt with. The procedure is simple enough and does not require that you take a ton of time off of work to recover. If you need to get endodontic therapy, Basin Dental proudly serves the Midland, TX area.

Do not put off getting your endodontic treatment. A root canal is much less scary than it seems, and getting it done can help you avoid more pain in the future. Call our office today to schedule your appointment at Basin Dental in Midland, TX. Dr. Ayotunde Esho and his staff are here to help.