Dentures in Lubbock, TX

Get Fitted With Dentures For Aesthetic and Functionality Purposes

Losing your teeth can be caused by many things. Of course, you can lose teeth from physical damage, or you can lose teeth via the aging process. In addition to that, you can lose teeth from poor oral care, and you can lose teeth from smoking tobacco. If you fall under this banner, then there are a few options that you should be seeking.

Basin Dental Suite Will Provide Dentures Near Me

Basin Dental Suite is now serving Lubbock, Texas area. You will find stress and anxiety will be decreased thanks to our advanced facility's comfortable and inviting environment. A trusted tradition of personalized care can be expected while taking advantage of high-quality dental care. Basin Dental also offers services for implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth extractions, and clear aligners. Let's dive into the denture procedure by reading below.

Get Fitted for Partial Dentures or Fitted for a Full Set

Dentures are an ideal choice if you're missing a few teeth, and they're great for replacing a full set that you may have lost over the course of years. Dentures are prosthetic devices that are supported by hard/soft tissue of the oral cavity. You can find dentures near me at Basin Dental Suites. We offer various types of devices that will meet your personal needs.

Complete dentures are represented by a full set and are ideal for creating a life-like smile. The conventional and immediate prosthetics will possess an acrylic and tissue-colored base. This look will perfectly mimic the appearance of a real gum line. There is a healing period in which the gums and jawbone will alter in shape. These conventional prosthetics are constructed when the healing process is complete to ensure the best possible fit.

Immediate prosthetics will be constructed prior to the removal of your teeth and will be positioned for a temporary purpose. You won't necessarily have to go a single day without having teeth. In some cases, immediate prosthetics have been chosen as a permanent solution, but they'll need to be relined as your mouth continues to heal.

Partial dentures have attachments and a metal framework that fits between missing teeth. These prosthetics are secured by a gum-colored base, and they're easy to remove. Dental crowns may be added to certain teeth to secure a firmer fit. You may want to opt for implant-supported dentures instead of partial dentures as they can be secured to dental implants to prevent bone loss.

Dentures near me in Lubbock, Texas are now possible when you schedule your next appointment at Basin Dental Suite. Call us today.